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In connection with the NEA-LCCP initiative, ESCAP East and North-East Asia Office (ESCAP-ENEA) in collaboration with Gwangju Metropolitan government organized a half-day consultation workshop,

22 Oct 2019
Gwangju, Republic of Korea

North-East Asia Low Carbon City Platform (NEA-LCCP), launched in 2015 under the NEASPEC, aims to support improving low carbon city plans a

12 Apr 2019
Incheon, Republic of Korea

In confronting climate change, countries and cities in Northeast Asia face enormous challenges. The area’s economic development is driving up the urbanization rate.

25 Jan 2019
Guangzhou, China

NEASPEC Secretariat in partnership with the Innovative Green and Development Programme (iGDP) organized the Green Transformation in Wuhan: International Consultation Workshop for Low-carbon

11 Jun 2018
Wuhan, China
17 January 2023
2nd Forum on Carbon Neutrality Goals of China, Japan and the Repu
18 May 2022
[Side Event at the 78th session of ESCAP] Sharing Ambitions and t
04 April 2022
East Asia at the forefront of leveraging science, technology and