International Workshop on Combating Desertification and Land Degradation

07 July 2015
Beijing, China

NEASPEC secretariat hosted an international workshop on combating desertification and land degradation (DLD) jointly with the State Forestry Administration of China in July 2015 in Beijing. DLD threatens over a quarter of Chinese landmass and almost all Mongolian grasslands. It is also closely linked to poverty, health and livelihoods of a large population in the subregion.

At the workshop, the participants representing governments, international organizations, academia, NGOs and the private sector discussed and adopted a tool named the North-East Asia Multi-stakeholder Plan (NEAMSP) designed to facilitate exchange of information and coordination among stakeholders, which will help address the fragmented nature of the current DLD work in the subregion. The MSP can also be used to supplement existing multilateral mechanisms in the subregion and support countries as well as individual stakeholders in their review and planning of DLD activities. The participants recognized the added value of the MSP and agreed to develop it further so that it can be a practical tool for information sharing and for arranging future discussions on a regular basis.  



Session 1. Review of Desertification and Land Degradation (DLD) in North-East Asia

Session 2. Review of Joint Activities to Combat Desertification and Land Degradation

Session 3. DLD and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in North-East Asia

NEAMSP Concept Note

Meeting Report