Roundtable on the Future of North-East Asia Clean Air Partnership and the First Science and Policy Committee Meeting of NEACAP

04 July 2019
Seoul, Republic of Korea

The secretariat held the first meeting of NEACAP Science and Policy Committee (SPC) on 5 July 2019 following the Roundtable on the Future of NEACAP on 4 July. The SPC agreed to initiate programmes on (a) emission inventory, (b) scientific assessment report, (c) integrated assessment modeling and (d) policy dialogue. The detailed plan of each programme will be developed by mid-2020 including through the Working Group on Emission Inventory, the Working Group on IAM and consultations with experts and governments.

A. Conclusion of the First Meeting of NEACAP Science and Policy Committee and Technical Centers 

BDiscussion Paper on the Workplan of NEACAP

C. Presentations of the Roundtable

    Introduction to the NEACAP

    Session 1. Building a common information basis: emission inventories

    Session 2. Bridging knowledge on the state, impact and trend of air pollution: scientific assessment report

    Session 3. Developing policy scenarios for mitigation potentials and measures: integrated assessment modeling

   Session 4. Sharing information of policy experiences and technologies