North-East Asian Marine Protected Areas Network Workshop 2021

15 July 2021

NEAMPAN workshop was organized virtually on 15 July 2021 under the theme of “Sharing experiences and challenges in sustainable management of MPAs.”

This workshop (1) presented findings from the NEAMPAN study “Management plans, monitoring and assessment of MPAs”and (2) shared experiences and lessons learned from sustainable management of MPAs; and simultaneous interpretation (Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian) will be provided.

NEAMPAN was established in 2013 with aim to build a social or human network among MPAs as well as to share experiences and challenges in managing MPAs in the subregion. Currently, 12 NEAMPAN sites have been designated. 

► Concept note

► Programme


► A quick tour of NEAMPAN sites 

China, by Zhang Zhaohui

Japan, by Yohei Mori

Republic of Korea, by Gusung Lee

Russian Federation, by Anatolii Kachur 


► Session on Sustainable Management of MPAs: findings from the NEAMPAN study 

Presentation on NEAMPAN study project, "Management plans, monitoring and assessment of MPAs", by Nobuko Kajiura

Supplementary material on the latest MPA information of Japan, by Makino Mitsutaku


► Session on Sustainable Management of MPAs: findings from the NEAMPAN study 

Nanji Islands National Marine Nature Reserve, by Chen Xianxia (Chinese) 

National Nature Reserve of Dazhou Island Marine Ecosystems, by Cui Min (Chinese) 

Shiretoko National Park, by Asami Shikida 

Suncheon Bay Wetland Protected Area, by Seon-mi Hwang

Muan Tidal Flat Wetland Protected Area, by Hyeji Jeon

Sanya Coral Reef National Nature Reserve, Li Changqing (Chinese) 

Changyi National Marine Ecology Sepcial Protected Area, by Zhang Yanhua (Chinese) 

Far-Eastern Marine Biosphere Reserve, by Anatolii Kachur

Shankou Mangrove National Marine Nature Reserve, Qiying Chen 



► NEAMPAN Brochure

► NEAMPAN study report "Management plans, monitoring and assessment of MPAs" (English) 

     [Chinese-draft     [Japanese-to be updated     [Korean-draft     [Russian-draft