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Strengthening Air Quality Management Guidance

Strengthening Air Quality Management Guidance: Achieving Scale and Impact

Air pollution is among the most critical environmental health issues affecting everyone. It is a swiftly escalating global public health and environmental emergency that causes over seven million premature deaths every year, and $8.1 trillion in health damages alone. The impacts of air pollution are deeply inequitable: More than 90% of pollution-related deaths, and the greatest burden of economic losses, occur in low- and middle-income countries. Improving air quality requires robust air quality management (AQM). In the effort to support governments to bolster management of air pollution, local, national, and international organizations have developed an abundance of tools, training materials, and guidance. While these resources provide important help to end users, uptake is limited, and progress remains slow.

In partnership with Clean Air Fund and the United Nations Environment Programme, Global Health Visions (GHV) undertook a needs assessment to gather insights on the key barriers and challenges involved in the development and use of AQM guidance. This report reveals insights from the suppliers of guidance materials and users – including dozens of governments and agencies implementing AQM strategies.

The Report is available to download at… 

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