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3rd International Forum on Low Carbon Cities

29 August 2023
Incheon, Republic of Korea
3rd international forum on low carbon cities

The 3rd International Forum on Low-Carbon Cities will be jointly organized by ESCAP East and North-East Asia Office and Incheon Metropolitan City on 29 August 2023 during the Korea Global Adaptation Week, in collaboration with Green Climate Fund, Incheon Carbon Neutrality Center, ICLEI, Institute for Global Decarbonization Progress, CityNet, Climate Change Center and Local Government Association for Climate and Energy Transition. The Forum is expected to facilitate information sharing and strengthen partnership and peer-learning among cities and city networks in North-East Asia and beyond, by bringing together local governments, international and regional organizations, national and regional city networks and various stakeholders. 

29 Aug 2023
Opening session

Opening remarks

  • Ms. Armida Salsia Alisjahbana, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and Executive Secretary of ESCAP

Welcoming remarks

  • Mr. Park, Deok-soo, Vice Mayor of Incheon Metropolitan City

Congratulatory remarks

  • Mr. Lee, Chang Hoon, President, Korea Environmental Institute
  • Ms. Ou, Boqian, Secretary General, Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat

Keynote speech 

  • Mr. Yoo, Yeon-chul, Executive Director, UN Global Compact Korea Network and Former Deputy Minister and Ambassador for Climate Change, Republic of Korea

 Introduction of the Forum

  • Mr. Ganbold Baasanjav, Head of ESCAP East and North-East Asia Office
Session 1. Roles of cities and city networks in local climate action

Moderator: Ms. Park, Hyun-jung, Deputy Director, Institute for Climate Change Action and Member of the Presidential Commission on Carbon Neutrality and Green Growth of the Republic of Korea

  • Ms. Kang, Min-kyung, Research Fellow, Incheon Carbon Neutrality Center
  • Ms. Tatiana Naumova, Head of Official Events and Protocol Division, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Ms. Nozomi Shimazu, Global Environment Policy Office, Kyoto, Japan
  • Mr. Xuan Xie, Programme Officer, ICLEI East Asia
  • Mr. Chris Di Gennaro, Program Officer, CityNet Secretariat
Session 2. Technology and Innovation for local climate action

Moderator: Mr. Bapon Shm Fakhruddin, Water Resources Management Senior Specialist, Division of Mitigation and Adaptation, Green Climate Fund

  • Mr. Enkhtuvshin Ganbaatar, Director of Investment and Production Division, Ministry of Energy
  • Ms. Junko Akagi, Research Manager, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
  • Ms. Xingxing Cai, School of Life Sciences, Fudan University
  • Mr. Amgad Elmahdi, Water Sector Senior Specialist, Division of Mitigation and Adaptation, Green Climate Fund
  • Mr. Kang, Dongkyun, Director, Green Transition Initiative Secretariat, K-Water
Session 3. Public-Private-Citizen Engagement towards low-carbon cities

Moderator: Prof. Park, Hyeon, Professor, International School of Urban Sciences, University of Seoul

  • Mr. Kim, Mookhan, Research Fellow, Seoul Institute
  • Mr. Chung, Junsung, Senior Business Development Manager, Samsung Electronics
  • Mr. Liuchuan Tong, Senior Strategy Manager, Tencent, China
  • Ms. Zolzaya Enkhtur, Founder and Managing Director, Climate Campaign, Mongolia
  • Ms. Xueye Liu, Analyst, Institute for Global Decarbonization Progress, China
  • Mr. Lee, Kwon-Pyo, Youth representative from U-Savers (Youth Climate Activist Group)
Closing session

Mr. Ganbold Baasanjav, Head of ESCAP East and North-East Asia Office