NEASPEC Nature Conservation Project on Habitats for Key Migratory Birds

30 January 2015
Republic of Korea

The on-going NEASPEC Nature Conservation Project focusing on habitat rehabilitation and conservation for key migratory birds in North-East Asia, studies selected key habitats in five North-East Asian countries of Black-faced Spoonbill, Hooded Crane and White-naped Crane. The Project aims to strengthen subregional cooperation at different levels on migratory birds conservation and generate knowledge which contributes to achieving goals of the NEASPEC Nature Conservation Strategy as well as the Aichi Biodiversity Targets. As part of this Project, the Field Survey of Habitats of Migratory Birds organized by ESCAP-ENEA and the Korean Society of Environment and Ecology will gather national experts from North-East Asia and international organizations. The Field Survey will involve detailed habitat mapping, habitat and biodiversity assessment and meeting with the local communities with the aim of enhancing conservation management in North-East Asia.

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