Workshop on conservation of big cats in transboundary areas of North-East Asia

Date & Location : 

12 October 2021, Virtual

NEASPEC has been implementing a project “Transboundary cooperation on the conservation of Amur tigers, Amur leopards and Snow leopards in North-East Asia”, funded by the Russian Federation, since 2020. The project consists of three components to facilitate cross-border cooperation, focusing on (1) Amur tigers and leopards along the Northeast Tiger and Leopard National Park (China) and the Land of the Leopard National Park (Russian Federation), (2) Amur tigers in Lesser Khingan Mountains (China-Russia) and (3) Snow leopards in Chikhachev and Eastern Sayan ridges (Mongolia-Russia).

Reaching the midpoint of the project, the workshop will be a major occasion to review project progress and discuss policy recommendations and follow-up activities for the final report.


Concept note and programme (as of 14 September 2021)


To join the meeting, registration is required by 10 October 2021.


NEASPEC Secretariat