Study on Transborder Movement of Amur Tigers and Leopards using Camera Trapping and Molecular Genetic Analysis

Date & Location : 

15-16 April 2014, Incheon, Republic of Korea

The NEASPEC Secretariat organized the Expert Group Meeting (EGM) of the Project, “Study on transborder movement of Amur tigers and leopards using camera trapping and molecular genetic analysis” on 15-16 April 2014 in Incheon, Republic of Korea (ROK). The EGM reviewed existing experience on camera trapping and molecular genetic analysis techniques related to conservation efforts on Amur tigers and leopards, discussed scientific and technical approaches for the Project, and agreed on a project work plan that includes more efficient use of camera trapping, molecular genetic analysis techniques, joint field survey and sharing of knowledge on these matters between China, ROK and the Russian Federation.

Implementing agencies in participating countries are going to conduct camera trapping and sample collection this winter (November 2014-May 2015), and analyze genetic traits with DNA extracts (June-August 2015). As a wrap-up event, the final project report including policy recommendation on species conservation, which will be prepared by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), will be presented at the international workshop in November 2015.


Project Concept Note

Provisional Programme

1. Review of the conservation efforts on target species with emphasis on camera trapping and molecular genetic analysis

2. Planning project implementation

Meeting Report


NEASPEC Secretariat