North-East Asia Low Carbon Cities Platform (NEA-LCCP) Expert Group Workshop (EGW)

Date & Location : 

1-2 September 2016, Seoul City Hall

NEASPEC Secretariat organized the workshop in conjunction with the Seoul Mayors Forum on Climate Change (1-2 Sep) to develop a set of indicators for low carbon cities evaluation, the methodology and plan of peer review and the plan of a comparative analysis of national approaches to low carbon cities. The workshop was attended by Chinese Academy of Sciences, Korea Research Institute of Human Settlements, IGES, Seoul Institute, ICELI, CityNet, Energy Foundation (China), Carbon Trust, Innovative Green Development Programme (China), World Resources Institute, Ecologic Institute, etc. The workshop outcome will be reported in the next weekly brief. In the Mayors Forum which had about 30 speakers of mayors/vice mayors, the ENEA Head of Office made session's lead presentation on "approaches and partnership for low carbon development", highlighting the global trend of urbanization and its climate change implication, key policy approaches and roles of networks.

NEASPEC Secretariat