Meeting of NEASPEC National Focal Points

Date & Location : 

12 May 2021, Virtual

The National Focal Points Meeting of NEASPEC will be virtually held at 14:00-18:30 (GMT+9), Wednesday, 12 May 2021.

Based on the recommendations of NEASPEC independent evaluation conducted in 2020, the meeting aims to convene focused discussions on (1) renewed vision and commitment and (2) funding modality to develop NEASPEC as a more effective and comprehensive mechanism. In addition, the Meeting will review the planned NEASPEC activities in 2021. 

Concept note & Programme

Provisional Agenda

► Background document 1. Funding modalities [pdf/word]

  • Annex 1. (draft) Trust fund agreement (presented to SOM-12 in 2007) [pdf/word]

► Background document 2. Renewed commitments [pdf/word]

  • Annex 1. Framework of NEASPEC [pdf/word]
  • Annex 2. NEASPEC Vision Statement [pdf/word]

Evaluation report of NEASPEC 

NEASPEC Secretariat