Meeting of NEASPEC National Focal Points

Date & Location : 

6 August 2020, Virtual meeting

The meeting of NEASPEC national focal points was organized virtually on 6 August 2020.

The meeting reviewed the implementation and lessons learned from the NEASPEC Strategic Plan 2016—2020 and received substantive suggestions and comments from member States on the draft NEASPEC Strategic Plan 2021-2025. 

  1. Concept Note and Provisional Programme
  2. Background for the Strategic Plan of NEASPEC 2021-2025 with Annex: Report of Stakeholer Survey on NEASPEC Strategic Plan 2021-2025
  3. Draft NEASPEC Strategic Plan 2021-2025
  4. Draft NEACAP Workplan
  5. Draft NEASPEC Evaluation Report
  6. NEASPEC Evaluation Presentation 

NEASPEC Secretariat