International Symposium on “Realizing Low Carbon Cities in North-East Asia"

Date & Location : 

5-6 December 2013, Beijing, China

The International Symposium was jointly organized by UNESCAP East and North-East Asia Office and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences to review and discuss key issues on low carbon city (LCC) development in the subregion, and to exchange views on the potential of forming a subregional LCC partnership network.

The symposium and the workshop came to the conclusion on the need to launch a cooperation partnership for information sharing and capacity building, as practical means to address the needs expressed by countries and to support city initiatives in moving towards low carbon pathway.

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Day 1, 5 December 2013

1. Subregional Partnership Low Carbon Cities (LCC): Sangmin Nam, Deputy Director, UNESCAP East and North-East Asia Office (ENEA) 

2. Low Carbon City Development: Policy Perspectives 

3 Low Carbon City Development: Tools and Methodology

4. Low Carbon City Development: Finance and Economics

5. Low Carbon City Development: Knowledge Sharing


Day 2: 6 December 2013

1. Overview of Work on Low Carbon City in the Subregion and Lessons Learnt

2. Subregional Networking in Low Carbon City Development


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