Hanns Seidel Foundation/ UNESCAP Field Survey and Workshop on Conservation of Migratory Birds and Habitat at Rason Migratory Bird Reserve

Date & Location : 

27-30 March 2014, Rason Special Economic Zone, DPRK

The Rason Special Economic Zone in DPRK abuts China and the Russian Federation in the Lower Tumen River Delta. Research and monitoring on migratory birds on the Chinese and Russian sides of the Delta indicates that globally vulnerable migratory bird species can be found in the Rason area. Research also indicated that it could also be a habitat for thousands of migratory birds. To ascertain a more complete picture for conservation of the Lower Tumen River Delta, Hanns Seidel Foundation and UNESCAP East and North East-Asia Office (ENEA) acting as the secretariat for NEASPEC jointly conducted a workshop with rapid assessment between 27th to 30th March 2014 with the support of the Rason Special Economic Zone.

This rapid assessment produced the first makings of baseline information of the habitat. Initial findings indicate that lakes and wetlands surveyed in Rason are supporting significant populations of waterbirds including globally threatened species. This exercise produced a snapshot of the area that identified the potential of the area. Considering the seasonality of migratory birds, it is likely that more birds can be found at other times of the year. It is only by further surveys in the same region will we have a better understanding of birds and ecology of the area. Nevertheless this rapid assessment produced critical information for establishing the scientific and technical basis for development while making some recommendations for conserving Rason’s wetlands.

Participants also visited the Wetland Protected Areas in Hunchun, China where various protection programmes have been implemented including compensation to farmers for crops and grains consumed by migratory birds and restoration of natural shorelines along reservoirs. The Multi-destination Eco-tourism Centre managed by the Tourism Bureau in Hunchun showcased various tourist destinations on eco-tourism in the Lower Tumen River Delta area, activities and information were provided on eco-tourism in the Delta.


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