Expert Group Meeting on Promoting Transboundary Cooperation among Protected Wetlands in the Tumen River Estuary

Date & Location : 

15 May 2020 (virtual)

Wetland in the lower Tumen River area is a biodiversity hotspot in North-East Asia, representing significant ecosystem and socio-economic values. To date there has been no systematic cooperation among the range countries (i.e. China, DPRK and the Russian Federation) on wetland conservation.

Following to the field survey result and recommendations in Rason, DPRK, in 2014 (report), NEASPEC has worked with national experts from China and the Russian Federation to develop a preliminary study on transboundary cooperation among protected wetlands in the Tumen River Estuary. By reviewing target sites and their socio-economic conditions, the study aims to evaluate the feasible steps towards strengthening and institutionalizing the transboundary cooperation in the Tumen delta.  

This Expert Group Meeting offers an opportunity to review the key findings and recommendations of the study and deliberate on the way forward to promoting transboundary cooperation among countries and partners.

** The meeting will be held virtually.

Concept note and Programme

NEASPEC Secretariat