Expert Consultation Meeting on Transboundary Air Pollution in North-East Asia

Date & Location : 

9-10 July 2012, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation


From 9 to 10 July 2012, SRO-ENEA and the Scientific Research Institute (SRI) "Atmosphere" organized a NEASPEC Expert Consultation Meeting on Transboundary Air Pollution in North-East Asia in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation. The meeting gathered about 20 representatives of member States and scientific community to review the progress of the current NEASPEC project and consider a set of possible short to long-term objectives for strengthening subregional cooperation on this important environmental challenge for North-East Asia.


Concept Note and Programme 
List of Participants 
Meeting Report 
Introduction to Goals and Objectives of the Meeting 

Session 1: Overview of the current activities and future plans of the major subregional/regional scientific frameworks on transboundary air pollution

  • China, Dr. Fan MENG, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES)
  • Japan, Mr. Jiro SATO, Asia Center for Air Pollution Research (ACAP)
  • Transboundary air pollution in case of Mongolia, Dr. Erdenebat ELDEVOCHIR, National Agency for Meteorology and Environment Monitoring of Mongolia
  • ROK, Dr. Lim-Seok CHANG, National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER)
  • Russia, Ms. Kristina Volkova, SRI Atmosphere

Session 2:    Overview of cooperation of the Russian Federation with the UNECE LRTAP Convention: Lessons for the North-East Asian subregion

Session 3: Recent developments and emerging issues in multilateral cooperation on transboundary air pollution

Session 4: Institutional and knowledge gaps in subregional/regional frameworks and relevant needs and priorities

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