Expert Consultation Meeting on Environmental Challenges Related to Transboundary Marine Pollution

Date & Location : 

27-28 June 2012, Seoul, Republic of Korea


The Expert Consultation Meeting was organized in accordance with the decision of the 16th SOM (1-2 September 2011, Seoul, Republic of Korea) of the NEASPEC supporting the proposal of the Republic of Korea to convene an ECM to further elaborate the project proposal, "Strengthening Subregional Cooperation to Address Environmental Challenges related to Transboundary Marine Pollution", for decision at the 17th SOM to be held in China in October 2012. The ECM facilitated exchange of views and ideas among national experts and other involved stakeholders on the scope of the project, modality of its implementation and required partnerships with relevant organizations working in the field of transboundary marine pollution in North-East Asia.



Introduction to goals and objectives of the meeting, Mr. Sangmin Nam, Environmental Affairs Officer, UNESCAP SRO-ENEA

Session 1: Overview of national policies and activities in the field of prevention and management of marine pollution 

Session 2: Overview of current regional and subregional programs and initiatives for addressing transboundary marine pollution 

Session 3: Environmental challenges related to transboundary marine pollution in North-East Asia and ways to strengthen multilateral cooperation in the subregion 

NEASPEC Secretariat