20th Senior Officials Meeting

Date & Location : 

1-2 February 2016, Tokyo, Japan

NEASPEC 20th Senior Officials Meeting was held in Tokyo in Japan on 1-2 February 2016. In addition to the review of the progress in activity implementation and administration, the SOM adopted the NEASPEC Strategic Plan 2016 - 2020.  The Strategic Plan defines three goals, i.e. (a) enhancing coordinated actions to  subregional  environmental challenges, (b) mutually supporting to tackle domestic challenges and (c) contributing to SDGs, in particular, environment-related goals. The Plan highlights a number of SDGs and targets relevant to the programme areas and recommends NEASPEC to build its vertical linkages with SDGs. The Plan provides the following objectives of five programme areas as well as lists of specific activities for each area.

  • Transboundary Air Pollution: By 2020, implement joint projects on transboundary air pollution to facilitate information sharing, joint study and cooperation among Member States and relevant institutions.
  • Biodiversity and Nature Conservation: By 2020, implement joint plans or projects for six target species under the NEASPEC Nature Conservation Strategy with enhanced and strengthened transboundary cooperation among all stakeholders.
  • Marine Protected Areas: By 2020, fully operationalize NEAMPAN to support partnerships among target MPAs and stakeholders, and enhance capacity to achieve, inter alia, the Aichi Biodiversity Targets related to marine and coastal biodiversity in a holistic manner.
  • Low Carbon Cities: By 2020, fully operationalize a subregional platform for low carbon cities to support communications and cooperation among stakeholders, and link cities and major stakeholders both within and beyond the subregion and promote awareness and capacity to promote low carbon and climate resilient development
  • Desertification and Land Degradation: By 2020, implement a number of partnership projects recommended by the North-East Asia Multi-stakeholder Plan (NEAMSP) on Combating Desertification and Land Degradation for more coordinated and efficient actions in combating desertification amongst key stakeholders.

► Programme 

1. Provisional agenda

2. Annotated provisional agenda 

3. Review of programme planning and implementation

a) ​Transboundary Air Pollution

b) Nature Conservation in Transboundary Areas

c) Marine Protected Areas

d) Low Carbon Cities

e) Desertification and Land Degradation

4. Review of the Strategic Plan of NEASPEC

5. Review of the Core Fund

► Meeting Report 


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