18th Senior Officials Meeting

Date & Location : 

5-6 November 2013, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


North-East Asian countries further expanded the scope of subregional cooperation during the SOM-18 of the NEASPEC, which was held on 5-6 November in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Commemorating its 20 years history as a multilateral environmental cooperation platform in North-East Asia, national delegations expressed expectations such as building synergies with relevant multilateral programmes in the subregion as well as bilateral activities, enhancing cooperation for mutual benefit based on priorities collectively set by member States, and enriching subregional cooperation connecting with global processes on sustainable development.

One of the meaningful outcomes was that the Meeting launched the North-East Asian Marine Protected Areas Network (NEAMPAN) which is a new and unique network covering national MPAs in all seas of North-East Asia, where the five member States of MPAs, namely China, Japan, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Republic of Korea and Russian Federation, are located. NEAMPAN is established to form an effective, functional representative network of MPAs in the region for conservation of marine and coastal biodiversity and efficient management of resources. The NEAMPAN is aimed at supporting member States in protecting marine ecosystems through information-sharing, capacity building and joint research.

In addition to launching NEAMPAN, SOM-18 endorsed the proposal of the Russian Federation to develop the technical and policy framework on transboundary air pollution. The project aims to bring the member States together for conducting research on long-range movement of air pollution, their impacts and policy measures. The Meeting also decided to carry out non-invasive DNA analysis for the Amur tigers and leopards inhabiting in Russian Far East and the Northeastern part of China. The analysis will bring together geneticists from not only the two countries but also other member countries, Japan and the Republic of Korea. Furthermore, the SOM reaffirmed its support to building Low Carbon Cities Partnership as a platform for information and knowledge sharing and the upcoming International Symposium on "Realizing Low Carbon Cities in Northeast Asia: Bridging Science, Policy and Promoting Cooperation," which will be held by NEASPEC and China Academy of Social Science in Beijing, on 5-6 December 2013.


Provisional Programme


1. Provisional agenda and annotated agenda of the SOM-18

2. Review of programme planning and implementation

    a. Transboundary Air Pollution in North-East Asia

    b. Mitigation of Dust and Sandstorms

    c. Nature Conservation in Transboundary Areas

    d. Marine Protected Areas

        - Annex: Background Report on the North-East Asian Marine Protected Areas Network

    e. Green Development/Green Economy and Eco-efficiency Partnership

3. Review of issues concerning the institutional arrangements of NEASPEC

4. Review of the Core Fund


Report of the Meeting

NEASPEC Secretariat