12th Senior Officials Meeting

Date & Location : 

22-23 March 2007, Beijing, China


The 12th Senior Officials Meeting was held on 22-23 March 2007 in Beijing, and attended by all six member countries. Key conclusions of the SOM are as follows:

  • Reaffirmed the need to strengthen NEASPEC into a comprehensive mechanism by developing new programme areas, enhancing ownership of the member countries, and making effective institutional arrangements. In this context, the Meeting decided to continue consolations on the proposal of the Republic of Korea (ROK) on establishing and hosting the permanent Secretariat of NEASPEC
  • Reaffirmed supports to the implementation of ADB RETA Project on Transboundary Air Pollutions from Coal-Fired Power Plants in North-East Asia
  • Adopted the Resolution on the Framework for Nature Conservation Programme in North-East Asia and endorsed the Nature Conservation Strategy
  • Decided to launch “Eco-efficiency Partnership in North-East Asia" and requested the Secretariat to develop a detailed activity plan for the Partnership


Meeting documents

(1) Report of the SOM

(2) Institutional and Financial Mechanisms of NEASPEC

(3) The Project on the Framework for a Nature Conservation Programme in North-East Asia

(4) Mitigation of Transboundary Air Pollution from Coal-Fired Power Plants in North-East Asia

(5) The Outcomes of Discussions on Eco-efficiency in North-East Asia and Further Actions

(6) The Prevention and Mitigation of Dust and Sandstorm

(7) Proposal for a Project “North-East Asia Environmental Outlook”

(8) Initiative for Building a Resource Conserving Society

(9) Report on the NEASPEC Core Fund

(10) Budget Planning for the Biennium: 2007-2008

NEASPEC Secretariat