North-East Asian Subregional Programme for Environmental Cooperation (NEASPEC) is a comprehensive intergovernmental cooperation framework addressing environmental challenges in North-East Asia.

As a follow-up to the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development held in 1992, NEASPEC was established in 1993 by six member States - China,  Democratic People's Republic of KoreaJapanMongolia, Republic of Korea and the Russian Federation - to promote environmental cooperation in the subregion.

North-East Asian countries have been increasingly exposed to environmental problems coupled with the rapid economic growth of the recent decades. As the subregional cooperation framework, NEASPEC aims to redress the dichotomy between economic growth and environmental protection and improve eco-efficiency and environmental sustainability for the economic development of the subregion. 

We aim to achieve the objectives by:

  • Promoting a step-by-step and practical approach towards subregional cooperation based on consensus, capacity building, information sharing, technology transfer and collaborative financing
  • Providing a multilateral cooperation platform for governments, national, subregional and international institutions, private sectors and civil societies to mitigate environmental impacts
  • Strengthening the technological and managerial capabilities of the national institutions
  • Identifying common policy approaches and objectives of member States and linking national strategies with subregional and global initiatives
  • Periodically reviewing environmental trends and the implementation of priority projects with a view to identifying additional priority areas for cooperation
  •  Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) 

As the governing body of NEASPEC, SOM provides overall policy guidance and project coordination to NEASPEC by making policy decisions concerning all substantive and financial matters. SOM meets once a year in a member State on a rotational basis. Please click here for further information: SOM


  •  National Focal Points 

The designated focal points in each member State are responsible for coordinating activities, acting as the official channels of communication, and assisting participant institutions in implementing the activities.


  • NEASPEC Secretariat

UNESCAP has been providing secretariat service for NEASPEC since 1993. In May 2010, the UNESCAP East and North-East Asia Office (ENEA) was established in Incheon, Republic of Korea. Upon the establishment of the office, NEASPEC relocated its secretariat from the ESCAP Headquarters to the ESCAP ENEA Office. In addition, the 16th Senior Officials Meeting endorsed the decision to change secretariat status from interim to permanent.


NEASPEC Secretariat