NEASPEC 23rd Senior Officials Meeting (SOM)

Date & Location : 

9-10 October 2019, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

23rd Senior Officials Meeting of the North-East Asian Subregional Programme for Environmental Cooperation (NEASPEC) will be hosted by the Government of Mongolia on 9-10 October 2019.

SOM is an annual occasion to review NEASPEC activities, discuss on furthering cooperation and to formulate new initiatives. Since the last SOM held in October 2018 in Beijing, NEASPEC has continued to implement activities and initiatives in the programmatic areas of (a) transboundary air pollution, (b) nature conservation, (c) marine protected areas, (d) low carbon cities and (e) desertification and land degradation. The progress in project implementation and plan for upcoming activities will be presented to SOM for further guidance of member States.

In particular, the upcoming SOM is expected to review progress made in (a) the North-East Asia Clean Air Partnership (NEACAP), (b) nature conservation and (c) desertification and land degradation; and commence the planning for the NEASPEC Strategic Plan 2021-2025. Furthermore,  outcomes of study projects for (a) the North-East Asia Low Carbon City Platform (NEA-LCCP) and (b) the North-East Asia Marine Protected Areas Network (NEAMPAN) will be presented at the upcoming SOM. 

►  Programme

►  Meeting documents 

1. Provisional agenda

2. Annotated provisional agenda

3. Transboundary Air Pollution

4. Nature Conservation in Transboundary Areas

5. Marine Protected Areas

6. Low Carbon Cities

7. Desertification and Land Degradation

8. Review of the Core Fund

9. Plan for the NEASPEC Strategic Plan 2021-2025


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